5 Ways to Make an Impact During COVID-19

There are numerous ways to make an impact while practicing social distancing during COVID-19, read on to find out how!

ways to make an impact

The stress and anxiety going on in the world right now has hit me hard. I’ve found it difficult to pull myself out of the news and find joy in the world. But, that stress can’t consume us forever. Let’s do better. Let’s be better. Being in the financial independence community is a privilege, even if waters are rough right now. So instead of being hyper focused on how much investments are dropping, how about we use that time to find ways make an impact instead?

Ways to Make an Impact While Practicing Social Distancing

1. Volunteer*

Most important part of this one right now is to practice social distancing! A lot of non-profits are hurting right now and could use the help. And many have 1 person jobs that you can work on from a safe distance from other people. My other half and I volunteer at a local non-profit zoological park. They constantly need den boxes built, weeds pulled around the visitors center, and they even need people to help make online marketing materials for them if folks feel uncomfortable being around any other people. So if you find yourself at home looking for something to do, contact your local non-profits and see if they need help!

If you don’t know where to start, there are several volunteer websites that non-profits list ads on. Many of the volunteer listing sites have now also included a virtual volunteering section so that you can still help out even if your area has a stay-at-home order. Check some out below!

2. Buy Local

I keep seeing long lines around Chick-Fil-A, while that’s fine and dandy because they employ local people, I can only imagine what half of that money would do for a local restaurant that is offering curbside pick up. So if you are thinking about running out for food, check to see if your local family owned businesses are offering pick up or delivery.

One of my local specialty stores are even doing livestream shopping sessions! The owner walks around the store and you can comment what you want to buy, schedule a time with her to pick it up and help keep our small businesses running during hard times! 

Many towns have a “Buy Local Guide,” so if you are new to your area or you want to make sure your money is going to a small business, try looking up your town’s guide to help! Another website to check out is Independent We Stand, though it doesn’t include every small business, it usually gives you a few good places to start.

3. Donate

Look, I KNOW money is tight so I’m not just talking about money here. Did you buy too many rolls of toilet paper? Drop some off at your local food pantry. Buy too much cat litter? Drop some off at a shelter in need. Have too much produce that might go bad soon? Drop it off at a non-profit to help them feed their community or animals. Cleaning out your house? Donate those items instead of selling them. There are a million ways to donate that do not include cash. It just takes a few moments to look up where those items might be most useful in your community. 

If you are worried about going to a donation center, many offer drop-off or pick-up options so that you do not have to interact with anyone. Interested in donating some of the items around your home or have a little extra money that could help those in need? Check out these non-profits below, but don’t forget to search for smaller, local non-profits that could really use the help!

Shopping from home? Try using Amazon Smile! It is another great way to make an impact, even when money is tight.

4. Support One Another

Things are stressful and it is easy to get angry at each other. Before writing an angry comment, breathe, walk away, because it’s not worth it. What’s more impactful? Write encouraging comments on posts that resonate with you! Help others out of the mounds of stress and anxiety that they are feeling. We have to be better as a community and the only way to do that is to lead by example.

5. Be A Good Human

It’s simple. Be the good you want to see in the world. Don’t hoard gloves, masks, toilet paper or medicine. You don’t need a year supply of each. Think about your parents, grandparents, elderly neighbors that are going to the stores and the shelves are empty. Is that what you want them to face? Be better. If you are going to the store, how about instead of buying everything for yourself, you ask those folks what they need and you pick it up for them instead? Also, drop it off at their house and practice social distancing! Being a good human is not hard, it just takes the realization that there might be others that are more in need than you are and that you can help.

 Make A Difference, Don’t Make It Difficult

Even though things are difficult, don’t let that take away the good in you. There are so many ways we, as a community, can make an impact, even when things are rough. So friends, how are you making an impact on the world around you?

Ways to Make an Impact

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