Why I Want to Retire Early

I’m in the search of financial independence because, as I wrote in my first post, I want to make an impact without worrying about an income. But what does that mean?

Well, I work in higher education, but I volunteer at a local zoological park and strive to help wild and endangered species. I fell in love with the park’s resident servals and knew I wanted to do everything I can to help these beautiful animals. My weekends are spent giving tours, educating our visitors, building den boxes, and doing as much as possible for this incredible non-profit.

Finding a passion outside of the normal day-to-day was eye opening. Giving my time, without expectation of a paycheck, to a non-profit truly matters. I’m a huge animal lover- from little birds, to my three domestic cats, to the big wolves and lions at the park. I’ve always been obsessed with my pets and giving them the best life I possibly can. Knowing that I could dedicate more time to the animals in my life pushed me to take the first step.

Thanks to the guys over at @choosefiradio I learned that if I was smarter about how I invested my money, I could reach FIRE in about 10 years (I’m 30 so that means reaching financial independence at 40!) This is my “Why of FI,” and though I may only be at the beginning, I’m so stoked for this journey. In the words of @jonathanmendonsa and @bradchoosefi “The FIRE is burning my friends!” ❤️

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